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Skyline Divide, birthed among the melting pot that is Memphis, Tennessee’s music scene, started with a simple goal: Making¬†music that embraced diversity and erased the lines their culture placed between Rap, Rock, and Blues music. After 2 years of writing, collaborating, and searching, they have established a lineup that shares that vision and executes it with grace and proficiency. Their debut EP, scheduled for an November release, is a testimony to their skill and dedication.

The group started tracking their debut EP with producer Justin Rimer, guitarist of the nationally-acclaimed 12 Stones. Justin’s ear for hit songs has been a huge step in the recording process of Skyline Divide, and having heard a couple of unmixed tracks from the record, I can honestly say that the wait was definitely worthwhile. The band’s talent and solidarity pours out of every song, and the best part is they aren’t catering to a genre. They are simply doing what they’re good at, not paying attention to what the culture is telling them they should fit into, but instead creating a whole new genre that suits their own musical tastes. The EP will be mastered by the Grammy-winning Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters and will hit the shelves in November.

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